• Vietnamese Trung Sister Gongs on the Meinl Pro Stands - B0792KY6LY

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Made in Vietnam by workers skilled in bronze. These deep, heavy gongs can fill a room with a thundering vibration. But their energy is not heavy. It can help you let go of the stuff that is holding you back.


The Trung Sisters reigned in Vietnam at a time when war was necessary to protect the Vietnamese culture from being subsumed by the Chinese. Who knows if these tough sisters were reincarnated to war against the many imperialists that occupied Vietnam in the 20th Century? Perhaps if they are still on the warrior track, they are fighting in UFC? We don't know.


But we do know that all of us, as humans, brothers and sisters, need to stop warring. What inside do we seek to fulfill by destroying or dominating another? What do we gain by seeing another as an "other?" Why would God say one of his other creations, our sibling, is not as good as we are, is evil? It may not happen tomorrow. But it will happen. Maybe it happened yesterday and you just came upon this web page.

    The Meinl Gong Pro Stand works well for gongs like the 36" Trung Sisters Gong. It is heavy duty and well made. It doesn't make any noise from the pieces banging together, but please remember to tighten the bolts firmly. With this stand you can adjust the height! You can get the hanger down to approximately 45" and up to approximately 75" off the ground.

The 32" Trung Sisters Measurements:
Diameter: 32"
Rim Depth: 4"
Bell: 2.5"
Weight: 44 - 47 lbs


 The 36" Trung Sisters Measurements:
Diameter: 36"
Rim Depth: 5"
Bell: 2.5"
Weight: 50 - 55 lbs

    Stand Measurements:
Gong Hangs about 14" from Back Pole
Base Width: 32"
Depth of Feet: 25"

    Vietnamese Trung Sister Gongs on the Meinl Pro Stands - B0792KY6LY

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    Vietnamese Trung Sister Gongs on the Meinl Pro Stands - B0792KY6LY

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